Packaging and menu for The Goods, a Toronto-based company and store-front that offers nourishing and real prepared foods - soups, salads, and smoothies. 

The concept celebrates the beautiful whole ingredients found in The Goods’ foods through colour and proportion. With ingredients listed and colour blocked according to their ratio, the design system speaks to The Goods’ innovative nature and their simple and authentic approach to food. The wrap-around labels feature one colour palette per product with each colour referencing a primary ingredient. The height of the colour blocks reference the proportion of each ingredient.

The system embodies The Goods’ belief in carefully prepared food, handmade one whole ingredient at a time. 

Photos by Hamin Lee

Agency: john st.
Client: The Goods
Scope: Packaging (logo by Niall Kelly)
ECD: Stephen Jurisic
Creative Direction: Niall Kelly
Design Direction: Mo Bofill