Petra Cuschieri

Shoppers Drug Mart Lifestyle Photography

Art direction and styling for a series of lifestyle photographs for Shoppers Drug Mart


Art Direction for Shoppers Drug Mart's in-store lifestyle photography.


After developing a vibrant and graphic new look & feel for Shoppers Drug Mart, we were asked to produce their new permanent in-store imagery. The images are authentic, delightful and simple–with an element of surprise. Shoppers' iconic red and blue have been incorporated when possible to create consistency and recognizability.


Reaching a broad audience, the new images aim to capture real moments of every day. With simple styling and prominent use of colour and texture, the images are friendly, inspiring and relatable.


Agency: john st.
Client: Shoppers Drug Mart
Scope: Art Direction
Photographer: Sandy Nicholson
Wardrobe: Peter Papapetrou
Hair & Makeup: Sheri Stroh
Props: Cheryl Thompson
Creative Direction: Pearce Cacalda
Design Direction: Mo Bofill