Cuff & Collar

A new identity system for Cuff & Collar with the intention to restore value to a seemingly obsolete skill and service (tailoring) by creating a functional and accessible brand. A strong and versatile graphic language was produced to be used across a variety of applications. The design is contemporary while maintaining the sense of tradition which was inherent in the original family business, established 30 years prior.

The colour palette was pulled from photos taken of the existing shop. It is inspired by some of the tools of the trade... big spools of thread, bright zippers and colourful fabrics. The colours are vibrant and youthful, but muted with a vintage feel.

Project: Self-initiated
Scope: Brand Concept/Creation, Naming, Logo, Business Cards, Hang Tags/Forms, Custom Rubber Stamps, Etched Hangers, Notepads, Pencils, Illustration, Copywriting, Brand Book