Petra Cuschieri


Visual identity for Bump Don't Shake, an initiative encouraging Canadians to replace handshakes with fist bumps in the midst of cold & flu season.


Campaign for First Canadian Place & Exchange Tower's retail offering, based on the idea that a lot can be done in a short amount of time.   


Launching with a full page ad in the National Post encouraging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make the House of Commons a handshake-safe space, Bump Don't Shake aims to inform Canadians of the serious (and not-so-serious) perils of the basic handshake. Backed with solid, squirm-inducing facts, the word was spread via social media, out-of-home advertising, direct mail and promotional tools.

The visual identity and illustration style is utilitarian, bold, eye catching, and slightly irreverent—complementing the tone of the campaign, with a colour palette reminiscent of the dreaded hospital setting.

Watch the promo video here:


Agency: john st.
Scope: Campaign branding, iconography, collateral, digital design
ECD: Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker
Creative Direction: Niall Kelly
Design Direction: Mo Bofill
Copywriter: Kohl Forsberg
Art Director: Emma Wathan
Web Developer: Joshua Richards